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Built-in Memory Laminated Shims: Qar.X DATA-SHIM®

LAMÉCO is the first to incorporate an electronic identifier inside the laminated shim, allowing it to communicate.

Principle: a chip is inserted within the shim's layers. Next, the chip is encoded with the shim's identity. From that moment on, the information contained in the chip can be deciphered by a hand-held reader.

BenefitsLaminated Shims Range

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Benefits of Qar.X DATA-SHIM® Laminated Shims


  • The electronic identifier is not rewritable: information regarding the Qar.X.DATA-SHIM® cannot be falsified.
  • It is physically inviolable: any attempt to extract the chip will cause it to self-destruct.
  • It solves the problem inherent in stamp-marking: the shim's identification disappears with it's top layer, as many leaves as desired may be peeled, without risking the loss of their identifying data.
  • The electronic identifier provides protection against conflict with other chips that could be present in the system.


The electronic dentifier can be remote-read:

  • when the Qar.X DATA-SHIM® is installed;
  • when the equipment in which it is located is in service.


Assembly as well as maintenance are simplified. As a matter of fact, a general reader makes it possibles to identify all Qar.X DATA-SHIM® present in a unit of equipement. Thus, one ascertains that:

  • the correct number of LAMÉCO shims is installed;
  • each one of these is properly placed;
  • the list of parts to be ordered is accurate and complete.

Traceability & Paperless Documentation

If you wish, in addition to each part's identity, we are able to record on the chip its entire traceability. Paperless documentation, such as the Delivery Order, Inspection Report, Certificate of conformity, becomes a reality.
Thus, inspection, acceptance, storage operations are made easier, and any danger of documents loss is averted.

Range of Qar.X DATA-SHIM® Laminated Shims

The electronic identifier can perfect all your composite material shims - INTERCOMPOSITE®, X.FIBER®, DUOPEEL®, X.FIBER HIGH-DENSITY®, PEEKPEEL®, the CURVPEEL® range in composite - and this, from a minimum total thickness of 2 mm / .079".

Qar.X DATA-SHIM Trademark Registered, Europe: Patent No. EP 1 615 764 B1, Canada: Patent No. CA 2 522 861 C, US: Patent Pending.