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PEEKPEEL® Laminated Shim

PEEKPEEL® is a laminated composite material designed by LAMÉCO. This composite material, the PolyEtherEtherKetone, takes the form of an uncharged polymer-based semi-crystalline film.
It offers a large number of outstanding properties, the main one being its high thermal resistance.
Benefits Thicknesses & Weight

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Benefits of PEEKPEEL® laminated shims


An appropriate response to a need for lighter materials (for increased autonomy, payload, etc.). PEEKPEEL® is, with INTERCOMPOSITE®, DUOPEEL®, X.FIBER®, X.FIBER HIGH-DENSITY® and COBRA.X one of the lightest of all our peel-off materials.

Material Specific Weight Weight-saving
Aluminium 2.8 2.15 X


PEEKPEEL® boasts a high thermal resistance. The mechanical properties of this product are not affected by temperature rise. It can thus be exposed without damage to temperatures of more than 482 °F/250 °C.

Adaptation on curved shapes

PEEKPEEL® adapts immediately to most curves without loss of accuracy. And, what’s more, on the actual assembly site.

Quick and Easy to use

PEEKPEEL® peels off "using your fi nger", no need for tools.

Safe to use

PEEKPEEL® Laminated Shims can be handled without risk of cutting yourself.


PEEKPEEL® provides a total barrier to the galvanic coupling caused by contact of different metal alloys. It thus requires no surface treatment.

Smart and Economical

Once peeled, the sheets remain fl at and show no signs of deformation. They can thus be re-used and can serve as single-unit shimming parts.

Weight & Thicknesses available for PEEKPEEL® laminated shims

SPEC. Specific Weight Thicknesses of laminations in mm / inches
0,012 / .0005 0,019 / .0007 0,023 / .0009 0,025 / .001 0,05 / .002 0,075 / .003 0,1 / .004 0,2 / .008
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11
LS22 1.3

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PEEKPEEL®: Trademark Registered.