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QUALITY, our primary objective.
LAMÉCO's activity is based on a Quality System that is in perpetual improvement. It is formalized as following:


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Bureau Veritas Certification

ISO 9001:2015

Valid until March, 26th 2024. ISO 9001 Certificate of LAMÉCO

AS 9100 Revision D:2016 - EN 9100:2016

Valid until March, 26th 2024. AS 9100 Certificate of LAMÉCO



Reference: F6688.

Member of GIFAS

Aerospace equipment group.

Our Products comply with the following requirements - Examples

ABS1507, ASNA0115, CMS-MT-301, BACS40R, BACS40V, BACS40X, S10249, etc.


  • Defense
  • Space:
    • Launchers
    • Satellites
  • Formula 1
  • Medical engineering
  • Textile engineering
  • Production machines and machining units
  • Specialized machines
  • Scientific and research equipment
  • Cryogenic systems
  • Aeronautical equipment:
    • Landing gear
    • Aircraft manufacturers
    • Helicopter manufacturers
    • Aircraft engine manufacturers
    • Nacelles
    • Structures

Know-How - Services


LAMÉCO is the world’s leading company for innovation and patents in the field of laminated shims.

Impeccable Quality

Our laminated shims are composed of foils glued across the entire face and not just at the edge. No risk of delamination.

An additional benefit of our unique production process is a shim totally free of any burrs.

Our laminated shims guarantee precision to one hundredth of a millimeter / four tenth thousands of an inch when needed.

Production Capacities

LAMÉCO provides dedicated production capacities due to the constant efforts made by investing in machinery of increasingly high-performance.

The machinery used is adapted by or even custom designed by LAMÉCO.

Technical Assistance

LAMÉCO can provide technical assistance in the choice of materials.

LAMÉCO can provide individual development to meet special requirements and feasibility studies of final products.

Peeling Strength Options

LAMÉCO provides exclusive: Peel-off/peelable abilities adapted to customer requirements.

Marking and Packaging Solutions

Upon customer's request: each part can be marked by hand, stamp, label or ink-jet machine.

Parts are packed by batch, quantity or unit according to customer’s needs.

Delivery time met

Our delivery times are perfectly reliable and on demand are the shortest on the market.

Inspection Department

In addition to the self-inspection that any operator is owed to realize (before, during and after his intervention on the product) - LAMÉCO's inspection department is in charge of the achievement or supervision of following controls :

  • Raw materials receiving inspection
  • Machined shims receiving inspection
  • First article inspection
  • Dimensional and bi-dimensional inspection
  • Final inspection*.

Whether they are transmitted to the customer or not (according to his requirement) - the results of these inspections are recorded, referenced and classified in files reserved to that end.

* For neatness aspect, our materials and engineering shims are delivered with two supplementary foils (one on each face) softly applied.

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