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Customer Support

Technical Support

For technical support e-mail us at: .

Quote Request

For quote request e-mail us at: and provide the following details or a drawing/print if you have one:

  • Geometric shape
  • Dimensions (including total thickness, angles, chamfers, hole diameters ect...)
  • Thicknesses of individual laminations (for peelable shims)
  • Materials
  • Quantities
  • Marking: on parts or on packaging and
  • Packaging type: unitary or by batch.

You can write your information like the following examples:
↪ For rectangles write width x length, examples: 2" x 4"; 50 mm x 70 mm
↪ And for washers write external diameter x internal diameter, examples: 3" x 2"; 80 mm x 40 mm.

Our standard might help you to write your request.

Other Enquiries

We have a commercial presence in the following countries:

United Kingdom   Australia   USA   Germany   France   Indonesia   Israel   Italy   Japan   Malaysia   Norway   Romania   Spain   South Korea   Thailandia   Vietnam   China  

Do not hesitate to email us so that we can put you in touch with the appropriate sales rep: .