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X.FIBER® is a unique laminated composite material developped by LAMÉCO which comes in the form of woven fiber sheets, which can be manufactured in several different ways: glass, carbon, aramide, ceramic fibers or any combination of two or more of these different fibers. The sheets are held together by a heat-hardened resin, the resulting material delivers both very high technical performance and excellent peelability.

Benefits Physical & Mechanical Characteristics Lamination Thicknesses

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Benefits of X.FIBER® laminated shims


When the demand is for lighter materials, X.FIBER® proves itself by far one of the lightest of laminated materials (up to 8 times lighter than steel or brass!).

Material Specific Weight Weight-saving
X.FIBER-Glass® X.FIBER-Carbon®
X.FIBER-Carbon® 1.05 - -
X.FIBER-Glass® 1.35 - 1.29 x
Stainless Steel 8.2 6.07 x 7.81 x
brass 8.5 6.3 x 8.1 x


Being both lighter and stronger it can be used to great advantage as a replacement for carbon and stainless steels.


It is comparable with laminated metals. X.FIBER® mechanical properties remain unaffected by the rise in temperature.Thus this product can be exposed without damage to heat exceeding 1,472°F/800°). Note that the limit of 572°F/300°C ofr the resin is not restrictive: beyond this limit the binder will be destroyed but the shim is still of the highest quality.


X.FIBER® is a total barrier against the galvanic coupling caused by surface contact of different metallic alloys. No further surface treatment is required.


The sheets (layers) can be peeled by hand, without the need for tools of any kind.


X.FIBER® is easily peeled without risk of finger cuts.

Ingenuity and Economy

Once they have been peeled, the sheets (layers) remain flat and free of deformation. They remain fully re-useable.

Physical & Mechanical Characteristics of X.FIBER® laminated shims

  Carbon Fabric: X.FIBER-Carbon® PLUS glass fabric: X.FIBER-Glass®
Density 1.05 1.35, 1.37 or 1.39 (depending on thickness)
Comprensive Fracture Strength Limits 1 570 MPa 1 900 MPa (1)
Resin Temperature Resistance (2) 300°C / 572°F 370°C / 698°F

(1) Physical limit of the test machine = no fracture.
(2) The Shim use is not affected by the possible disappearance of the resin, under the heat action.

Available thicknesses for laminated shims in X.FIBER®

SPEC. Materials Specific Weight Thicknesses of laminations in mm / inches
7 8 9 10
LS15 Carbon fabric 1.05      
LS16 PLUS glass fabric 1.35      

For more information:

X.FIBER®, X.FIBER-Carbon®, X.FIBER-Glass®: Trademarks Registered, Europe: Patent No. EP 1 444 094 B1, Canada: CA 2 464 337 C, US: US 8,518,839 B2.