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High resistance laminated composite shim

X.FIBER HIGH-DENSITY® is an exclusive innovative laminated material of LAMÉCO. This composite material takes the form of a multitude of woven fibreglass sheets.
The sheets are interlinked by a thermosetting resin, the elaboration of which bestows on the resulting final material outstanding technical performances and excellent peelability.
Benefits Thicknesses & Weights

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Benefits of X.FIBER HIGH-DENSITY® peel shims


It is an appropriate response to a requirement for lighter materials (to achieve greater autonomy or payload). X.FIBER HIGH-DENSITY® is, with INTERCOMPOSITE® and DUOPEEL®, one of the lightest of all our peeloff materials (up to six times lighter in weight than steels or brass!).

Material Specific Weight Weight-saving
Stainless Steel 8.2 6.07 x
brass 8.5 6.3 x


In addition to being a lightweight product, X.FIBER HIGH-DENSITY® is also extremely robust. Indeed it is resistant to:

  • very high compressive forces, without entanglement,
  • aux attaques chimiques,
  • chemical attacks,
  • sea air.


X.FIBER HIGH-DENSITY® mechanical properties remain unaffected by the rise in temperature. Thus this product can be exposed without damage to heat exceeding 932°F (500°C)


The sheets can be peeled by hand, without the need for tools of any kind. This composite material removes any risk of injury during the peeling operation.

Ingenuity and Economy

Once they have been peeled, the sheets remain fl at and free of deformation. They remain fully re-useable.


X.FIBER HIGH-DENSITY® is a total barrier against the galvanic coupling caused by surface contact of different metallic alloys. No further surface treatment is required.

Thicknesses & Weights available for X.FIBER HIGH-DENSITY® peel shims

SPEC. Specific Weight Thicknesses of laminations in mm / inches
0,1 / .004
LS21 1.35

For more information:

X.FIBER HIGH-DENSITY®: Trademark Registered, Patents Pending.