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The self-adhesive laminated shim

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Cale pelable autoadhesives

A double-sided sticker is applied to one of the sides of the PEELSTICK® laminated shim. Then you only have to remove the protective sheet to stick the shim exactly where thickness adjustment or shimming is required. The double side offers fi nal high adhesive strength and good environmental resistance performances.
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Benefits of PEELSTICK® laminated shims

Quick and easy to use: the shim stays in place on its own
The sticker allows the shim to be stuck in places where screws were previously needed to hold it in place on assembling – for example vertically.

When it is preferable not to use screws
The PEELSTICK® laminated shim offers a solution when screw-fastening is neither desirable nor feasible

Long term adhesion evolution
The adhesive strength of the sticker increases as a function of time and temperature. In some cases, the weak initial adhesion will allow the shim to be repositioned if necessary, whereas final adhesion will be very strong.

Good temperature resistance
The acrylic adhesive can be used for short periods (hours, minutes) at temperatures of up to 399.2 °F/204 °C, as well as for longer intermittent periods (a few days or weeks) up to 300.2 °F/149 °C. Once applied, the adhesive can withstand temperatures as low as -104 °F/-40 °C.

Excellent chemical resistance
The adhesive in our PEELSTICK® range offers excellent resistance to solvents and very good tolerance to exposure to a large number of chemicals. These include for example petrol, oil, “freon” TF, sodium chloride solution, weak acids and bases.

Excellent moisture resistance
High-moisture conditions have minimum impact on the adhesive performances of the double-sided sticker. Holding power is normally greater after a 7-day exposure at 89.6 °F/32 °C and 90% relative humidity.
Moreover, the polyethylene-coated kraft paper protector remains stable in damp conditions.

Water resistance
Immersion in water has no signifi cant effect on holding power. Immersion in water at room temperature for 100 hours actually shows an increase in holding power.

PEELSTICK® Products' Range

PEELSTICK® is available in all our peel-off materials. To refer to it as per our standard, just add "PST" in front of the material in "LS" - for example PSTLS12 will refer to the single-colour polymer to which the high-performance double-sided adhesive will be applied. This adhesive comes in a thickness of .002"/0.050 mm or .005"/0.125 mm. The .002"/0.050 mm thickness is recommended for bonding on smooth surfaces, whereas the .005"/0.125 mm thickness is more suited for applications on rough or textured surfaces.

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